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Applied Sport Psychology. Brian Hemmings

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It addresses ‘real world’ issues and helps the student understand the problems and challenges that the sport psychologist faces and is employed to resolve. Taking a refreshingly different approach to the subject, this new textbook uses original case studies of psychological support work with individual athletes and groups to illustrate the underlying theory and inform the reader of cutting edge practice in the field. The remaining chapters constitute the core of the book: the case studies themselves. The book begins by exploring the use of case studies as a professional method for disseminating applied knowledge and practice in sport psychology. The chapters also contain summaries and an accompanying set of questions for students. Each case study demonstrates scientific rigour in reporting the background information, initial assessment, intervention and monitoring, evaluation of the intervention, and also considers consultant effectiveness through reflective practice. As such it will prove invaluable to students of sport psychology in both sport and exercise science and psychology programmes. Written by a team of experienced practitioners this book shows how sport psychology actually works in practice. It will also be an extremely useful resource for coaches and sports professionals undergoing training in sport psychology.
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